A Trip to Remember to Augusta National Golf Club

The Augusta National Golf Club is one of the most famous golf clubs located in Augusta, Georgia in the United States. This is also one of the oldest golf clubs of the United States as it was opened for people a long way back in 1933. I got the opportunity to visit the wonderful Augusta National Golf Club last summer and still remember each and every thing about the visit memorable trip.

The reviews of the golf club are that it’s easy and straight forward but call it my bad luck or whatever that I endured poor weather on the day that I set out for the golf course.  The weather was windy to begin with and the wind was strong that I lost my cap before finally arriving at the reception at around 10 in the morning.

At reception, I was welcomed warmly with a glass of water. After giving some necessary details, I asked for a rest room because I needed a shower as it had become a necessity. After relaxing a bit, I visited the club house to meet a few people and to have a breakfast cum brunch.  The club house is nothing short of amazing. There was a fine dine-in restaurant, a bar, a swimming pool, changing rooms, lockers and a living space named Crow’s Nest. The food quality was great and the variety on the menu was huge..the fact that I found my favorites on the menu is testament to that as sometimes the best of restaurants don’t have those dishes in their menu! While I was there I also witnessed a large gathering for a private function that was being held within the boundaries of the course.

After the brunch, I was in a very relaxed mood and struck up a conversation with a fellow golfing enthusiast. I was pleasantly surprised to know about the golf club’s rich history while I was smitten by the beauty of the course once I stepped out to play. The Augusta National Golf Club is not the largest of golf courses and it has an 18-hole course. The golf course may not be the biggest but the unique thing about it is that each hole on the course is designated with a tree or shrub. It means all of the 18 holes have a name and this makes the proceedings all the more lively and interesting.  Every hole basically has a name that represents the tree or shrub that has grown beside it. The names are unique in themselves and I still remember how I was able to learn every hole by its name by the end of my trip. The Big Oak Tree, Ike’s Pond, Crow’s Nest, Hogan Bridge, Magnolia Lane were my favorites because I ended up scoring well on these holes.

My overall trip to Augusta National Golf Club was pretty awesome. I enjoyed each and every moment there and will surely try to revisit.