A Trip to Royal Melbourne Golf Club

If you want to play golf in heaven then you must visit the Royal Melbourne Golf Club. It is a 36-hole golf course which is located in Black Rock, Victoria. It is the oldest existing golf course in Victoria having a capacity of around 15,000 spectators. Both the East and West courses of this golf club are very popular in Australia and are unique in their own way especially the West course which is included in the top 10 golf courses of the world.

I and my friends visited this golf course around 6 months ago and we were wonderstruck on seeing its beauty. The friendly atmosphere, exceptional customer service, immaculate facilities and high quality food are some of the features that make this golf club a literal heaven on earth. It is a perfect choice for families and friends to enjoy quality time together. The Club house has an amazing menu list and the bar is most popular due to its wide variety of drinks. Also, you can organize any special event at this golf club too. We were pleased to learn that the club donates a handsome amount per year to local charities that are serving the people in need. To reach the golf course, we first took a flight and landed at the Melbourne International Airport. From the airport, we took a bus to reach the club in 45 minutes.

We were warmly welcomed at the club house upon our arrival. One of my friends who worked there took us to the dining room first to have lunch as it was around 3pm when we reached the golf club and we were all very hungry. The food was really delicious and the salad decorations took away my heart. The view outside the dining room was breathtaking. We spent around 2 hours in the dining room and then visited both the East and West courses to double our fun. Both the courses were unique in their own ways. I enjoyed playing golf in both the courses but my friends found the West course more appealing than the East one.

After playing a session of golf, my friend took us to meet the owner. He was a nice man and we chatted with him for about half an hour. At around 7pm, we went to the rest room to relax a bit as we were feeling tired. My friend came to wake us up some while later and asked us to go for dinner. We went to bed quickly after dinner left the exploring of the golf course for the next day.

We woke up in the morning and went to the golf course to explore it further. The weather was fantastic and we had a great time. We returned to the clubhouse to have breakfast and then left for the airport to catch our flight home. It was a nice experience and I would love to visit the Royal Melbourne Golf Club again soon.