Playing Golf at the Bayonet Golf Course

Playing golf is something I have been passionate about. If other people are avid fans of soccer, basketball, or baseball, I golf has the same impact to me. It started as a way to pass time, not to mention the scenery is quite appealing- lush green grass with the clear blue sky above your head. For today’s post, we were lucky enough to have our round brought to you by our friends at Get In The Hole who just released their golf ball compression bible, so please go and check it out.


The occasional play time became constant, especially when I met some people who have the same passion as I do- playing golf. It feels good to find people who you have a connection to; it didn’t come as a surprise when they eventually became my friends. My three friends and I make it a routine to play golf whenever we have the chance. We usually play at the Bayonet Golf Course which was constructed in 1954 by Gen. Robert B. McClure. It is located in City of Seaside and is situated in Monterey.

If you choose to have a golf event there, you can choose between the Bayonet and the Black Horse course. Both courses have terrific views and amazing terrains that are perfect for playing golf. It has a complete facility like the golf resto and shop, which my friends and I have already experienced. It is indeed very picturesque:


If you find yourself feeling famished after the tournament, you can always go to the resto and buy something to nibble from time to time. They serve delicious food that will surely satisfy your appetite. Aside from the resto, they also have other buildings inside such as the golf shop.

When we are in a hurry, we sometimes forget to bring the important things. Bayonet and Dark Horses golf courses understand these needs; thus, the golf course has now opened its very own shop. You can choose different golf merchandise from their wide variety of choices. They have clothes, shoes, umbrellas, towels, and even accessories! Everything you think that you might need in the game is available at the shop.

Last February 20, 2016, there was an event that took place in the golf course. They held an event called “NCGA Four Net Qualifier” in preparation for the real tournament. It is a 2 person better-ball event usually held at regular golf clubs. The two winners who emerge at the end will be the representatives of the Bayonet Golf Course in the upcoming event and play for real.

My friends and I really had a great time at the tournament. We didn’t win though; we all ranked somewhere in the middle, but we definitely had a great time. I would highly recommend the place to other golf enthusiasts out there. We did not only enjoy our game, we also enjoyed the panoramic view that the place offers to the players.

The Bayonet Golf Course is truly amazing! It is a place my friends and I would love to go back to again and again.