About Us

This blog is about golf and four best friends who love to travel to different golf courses to enjoy the exquisite game of golf. Basically, we all have been playing golf since when we were teenagers and are totally in love with it. We love every moment that we spend together on the golf course. There is nothing more special for us than playing golf at different golf courses located in different parts of the globe.

2 of my friends have been playing golf since they were in school. They used to visit their near-by golf courses with their family members to learn the game. Both of them are now working in a private firm and play golf in their leisure time to offload the work pressure. The other friend also has a deep history with golf. He used to play golf in his own garden when he was a kid and his passion for the game has only become stronger with his age. Although he is practicing medicine nowadays, he doesn’t miss any chance of playing golf in his free time.

Due to our dedication towards golf, I decided to create a blog where golfers from all over the world, either professional or amateur, are welcome to share their experiences and learn about this beautiful game. The main idea behind creating this blog was to create and promote friendship and camaraderie between golfing Rotarians from around the world and to help in learning the different aspects of this amazing sport.

The four of us belong to a golfing community and do not miss any chance of playing golf at courses located around the world. Yet, we are not professionals and there is nothing serious about our travels. We just love golf and because of being a part of a golf Rotarian community, we love to meet with different players, try to learn something new from them and to make our holidays unforgettable and valuable.

On this blog, you will find unique information about different golf courses in the world that I and my friends have visited on our travels. The appearance and look of the golf courses we have played on, the type of facilities that are available there for visitors, the ways of travelling to these courses and our experiences of playing golf there are some of the things that will be discussed in this blog. I will try to provide you the most relevant information about different golf courses of the world and will also help you learning something new from our experiences.

You will find all the information on this blog to be extremely valuable for you and it will surely help you with your game too.